Campaigns and Rebranding explained. The different projects show both the marketing and communications portions that I am learning in my degree program.

The Freeze Shop

The Owner of Freeze shop was in the market of rebranding herself to a more clean crisp look. The company’s major product is snow cones and all things cold. The design process consisted of sketches, user testing, development of a logo, color and font, stationary and possible production of animation.

The owner chose to go with the logo with adjustments being made to the penguin being more distinguished (added beak and w).

Huda Beauty Company Analysis

I analyzed this company’s comprehensive social media presence.  Included all social networks on which the company has a profile, as well as specific details about each profile (number of followers, number of likes, etc.).

Kinetic Advertising – The Big D

Drinking and Driving Campaign

Launched a campaign about drinking and driving in a college town. I identified the target audience, listed stats, and created branding objects to go around the city.